Firm Takes on Cases Involving Common Types of Workplace Accidents in Tampa

Established Florida attorney represents victims of job-related injuries

Certain jobs carry high risk of injury but no matter what you do for a living, a workplace accident could cause serious physical and financial harm. Most employers carry workers’ compensation coverage to address medical costs and lost wages but other types of damages are not covered under that system. Our firm, the Law Offices of Bill Dickey, P.A. strives to secure all of the payment due to victims of job-related accidents and illnesses. From our offices in Tampa and Clearwater, we offer comprehensive advocacy in cases involving construction accidents, collisions in company vehicles and other injury-causing incidents that occur while someone is trying to earn a living.

Lawyer advocates to secure payment for employees who have been hurt

From the moment you’re hurt in a workplace accident, the actions you take affect the financial recovery you will receive. Our firm has assisted injured employees for more than 25 years and we pursue justice in personal injury and workers’ compensation matters resulting from:

  • Heavy equipment failures — Even a small defect in a machine, tool or vehicle can cause lasting harm. We have the skill and background to take on negligent manufacturers.
  • Exposure to hazardous materials — If you were exposed to dangerous chemicals as part of your job, our firm initiates a detailed review to discover links between those substances and the medical problems you’ve experienced.
  • Vehicle collisions — If you were in a car crash while driving on the job, we can assist with workers’ compensation claims as well as potential litigation against any at-fault motorist.
  • Construction accidents — While workers focus their attention on building or repair work, construction accidents can occur. Regardless of how complex the situation might be, we’ll press to find who was responsible.
  • Injuries caused by poor maintenance — Failure to clean up a spill or fix a broken stair might trigger a significant workplace accident, even if the job itself is not hazardous.

No matter what caused your injury, our Gulf Coast firm stands ready to give you the support you need in any legal forum.

What reimbursement am I entitled to through workers’ compensation?

Employees who are hurt while on the job are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, which cover medical expenses stemming from the injury and some of the wages lost while the victim is unable to work. No finding of fault is required for a claimant to collect these payments.

Can I also collect damages from negligent parties in a personal injury claim?

Sometimes, a workplace accident occurs because a third party (not the worker or their employer) has failed to use reasonable care in their activities. An example is a contractor who creates a dangerous condition while doing work on an employer’s premises. In these cases, a plaintiff can seek damages, such as compensation for pain and suffering, from the liable business or individual.

How do I get compensated if my workplace accident causes permanent harm?

If your workplace accident triggers permanently harm, the workers’ compensation system authorizes benefits for partial and total disabilities and disfigurements. Should you also have grounds for a third-party personal injury claim, we strive to obtain a verdict or settlement that fully compensates you for the lasting effects of a defendant’s negligence.

What if my employer claims that my injuries didn’t occur at work?

A common defense in workers’ compensation actions is that the claimant had a pre-existing medical problem or that their injury actually occurred outside the scope of their employment. Our firm has extensive experience conducting thorough investigations to gather the factual and medical evidence showing that the workplace accident caused the harm suffered by the victim.

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