Tampa Slip and Fall Injury Attorney Works to Secure Relief for Victims

Accomplished premises liability lawyer takes on negligent property owners

One slip and fall on an unsafe surface might put you in the hospital and prevent you from working. If you’ve been hurt because someone did not take appropriate steps to prevent injuries on their property, the Law Offices of Bill Dickey, P.A. can help. From our offices in Tampa and Clearwater, we bring premises liability actions in behalf of injured individuals so that they aren’t exposed to serious financial loss in addition to their physical harm.

Established Florida firm pursues compensation when someone slips or trips

Throughout the Gulf Coast, we assist plaintiffs in slip and fall actions arising from:

  • Poor maintenance — A property owner or manager failing to clean up a spill in timely manner or to warn about a known hazard can justify an award of damages to a victim..
  • Damaged sidewalks and parking lots — Outdoor and indoor walking surfaces should be well maintained. A small pothole, damaged sidewalk or poorly lit parking light might lead to a serious injury.
  • Workplace accidents — Slip and fall accidents can occur at work, regardless of whether one’s job requires physical labor. When they do, we look to recover from employers as well as third parties who may be at fault.

We’re familiar with the relevant Florida laws as well as the real-world considerations that sway juries in trials and adversaries during settlement discussions. Whether you’re dealing with a back injury, broken bones or more extensive harm, we work diligently to achieve justice for you.

What do I have to prove to obtain a financial recovery in a slip and fall case?

To win a verdict in a slip and fall case, you must show that the defendant had a duty to keep the premises safe for visitors and violated that duty by failing to take reasonable care. That violation must be the proximate cause of the injury you suffered. You must also demonstrate the monetary damages that resulted.

What types of damages are available to victims in premises liability matters?

Victims of slip and fall injuries are entitled to a wide range of damages under Florida law. In addition to reimbursement for medical costs and lost wages, you may be able to collect reimbursement for costs of transportation to doctor’s appointments and of needed home modifications. You can also win compensation for pain, suffering and mental anguish triggered by the incident.

The property owner offered me a settlement; how do I know if I should take it?

Defendants, along with their lawyers and insurance carriers, are not looking out for your best interests. When you’re hurt and dealing with medical bills, agreeing to a settlement might seem like a quick and favorable solution, but without knowledgeable counsel from an experienced personal injury litigator, you can’t be sure how much your claim might be worth.

What if I’m partially responsible for the fall that injured me?

Often, there may be more than one contributing cause of a slip and fall injury. For example, you might have fallen due to a damaged floor but the property owner might allege that an untied shoelace is to blame. Florida uses a pure comparative negligence standard, which means that a plaintiff who is partially responsible for a slip and fall can still collect damage from a liable defendant but those damages are reduced by the plaintiff’s percentage of fault.

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