Tampa Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Seeks Relief for Floridians

Proven attorney assists people with head, neck and spinal cord damage

Traumatic brain injuries, as well as blows affecting the neck and spinal court, must be treated with extreme care. These areas of the body are delicate and the scope of the true harm might not be clear until long after the incident at issue. This need for special care extends to how related legal actions should be handled. Florida clients count on the Law Offices of Bill Dickey, P.A. because of our strong record in matters relating to head and back injuries. Based in Tampa and Clearwater, we help victims collect the compensation they need to address short- and long-term harm they suffer.

Thorough firm takes on cases stemming from auto accidents and falls

As a Florida personal injury attorney with more than 25 years of experience, Bill Dickey has the legal background and the close relationships with medical experts necessary to litigate brain and spinal cord injury cases stemming from incidents such as:

  • Car crashes — Depending on the force of the impact and the part of the body struck, an auto accident victim might suffer paralysis, a concussion or other symptoms that alter or limit movement and cognition.
  • Job accidents — If you’re hurt at work, we offer comprehensive advocacy in both workers’ compensation and negligence actions to recover damages for injuries associated with blows to the head and other parts of your nervous system.
  • Falls — Suffering a fall caused by the carelessness of a property owner or other person might create extensive problems depending on how you land. We work diligently to assist victims in premises liability lawsuits and other legal actions involving brain and spinal injuries.
  • Repeated impact injuries — Working in an environment where repeated strain is put on your head, neck or back could result in permanent physical difficulties, entitling you to damages.

Don’t be persuaded to give up your legal rights before you gain a true understanding of what your claim might entail. After carefully evaluating your situation, our firm can explain how you can be compensated through a judgment or settlement covering damages for in-home medical care, disfigurement from corrective surgery and other health problems that could present themselves later.

What types of damages are available to traumatic brain injury victims?

As in other personal injury actions, people who have been struck in the head, neck or back are eligible to recover damages for healthcare costs, lost income, pain and suffering and any reduction in their ability to enjoy life. Mental anguish such as PTSD or other symptoms that stem from the injury can be particularly acute in brain impact cases and is also compensable.

What if some brain damage symptoms aren’t detectable yet?

It’s important to retain a lawyer who can skillfully assess the future problems that a brain or spinal injury might cause. We obtain the best information possible and handle each trial, mediation and negotiation so that our clients emerge with strong results that address current symptoms as well as consequences that can be reasonably projected.

What if I need in-home care due to paralysis or another debilitating condition?

Whether the effects of a blow to the head, neck or spinal cord are immediate or take years to develop, in-home nursing care or some other type of extraordinary treatment could be necessary.. Though you might never be the same after your injury, our firm works aggressively to secure a legal outcome that gives you the best chance to address key needs and get the most of out of the years to come.

Will expert testimony be needed to show the extent of the harm?

Unlike broken bones or some other types of ailments, the true damage done by a traumatic brain injury can be very complicated to demonstrate to a jury. When necessary to support your claim, we will present expert testimony from a neurologist or another type of doctor with the knowledge and experience to make a compelling case on your behalf.

Contact a Florida lawyer for a free consultation regarding a traumatic brain injury

The Law Offices of Bill Dickey, P.A. advocates on behalf of Gulf Coast clients with traumatic brain injuries caused by another individual or a business. Please call 813-835-3800 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our offices are in Tampa and Clearwater.