Tampa Construction Accidents Lawyer Represents Injured Workers

Knowledgeable Florida lawyer litigates matters related to job-site incidents

At the Law Offices of Bill Dickey, P.A. in Tampa and Clearwater, we are dedicated to providing the strongest possible legal counsel to victims of construction accidents. Having served Florida residents for more than 25 years, we provide knowledgeable representation in both workers’ compensation and personal injury actions. We know the particular challenges associated with claims that arise from building and repair projects and we can develop a thorough strategy designed to maximize your recovery so you and your loved ones can move forward.

Thorough firm handles cases involving falls and defective products

We represent Gulf Coast construction workers who have been hurt in all types of accidents that occur on job sites, including incidents related to:

  • Machinery problems — Sometimes, a vehicle, tool or some other piece of equipment fails to work the way it should. Our firm files personal injury lawsuits against manufacturers whose defective products caused construction site accidents.
  • Falls — Working above ground poses an inherent risk. If someone is hurt in a fall, attorney Bill Dickey seeks immediate payment within the workers’ compensation system and from third parties if a harness failure, lack of safety equipment or other act of negligence contributed to the injury.
  • Dropped or falling objects — Whether someone trips on an item left lying on the ground or is struck after someone above them drops a tool, we work aggressively to assist them and their family.

The combination of busy employees, deadline pressure, heavy materials and potentially dangerous equipment at a construction site can lead to all types of injuries. Whether you’ve suffered broken bones, a back problem or something more severe such as paralysis or the loss of a limb, we have the skill and experience handling workplace accident claims to obtain full legal relief for you.

When can a construction worker file a third-party injury claim?

Employees hurt on the job are entitled to workers’ compensation for medical care and wage replacement without having to prove anyone was at fault. However, if the negligence of someone besides the worker or their employer was responsible for a construction accident, a third-party personal injury claim can also be filed, which allows the victim to collect additional types of damages.

What additional damages are available in a personal injury action?

When a third party is found to be at fault for an injury suffered by a construction worker, the victim can pursue reimbursement for the pain and suffering they’ve endured and for the loss of capacity for enjoyment of life that their injury has caused. This is in addition to medical expenses and lost income addressed in a workers’ compensation claim. You can also seek punitive damages from a third-party defendant if the negligence was particularly outrageous.

What happens if more than one party is liable for the construction accident?

Large construction projects often have numerous contractors and subcontractors working at once. With all that activity, there is a higher chance for confusion about who’s to blame for an accident. Our background litigating these cases helps us identify who is truly liable for someone’s injury. We take action against each negligent party to obtain appropriate relief.

How do I get compensated for long-term harm after being hurt on a site?

In both personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, compensation is authorized for permanent effects associated with the original incident. When someone is seriously hurt on a construction site, we can enlist medical experts to assess the likelihood of a disfigurement or lasting disability. From there, we pursue a resolution that fully compensates injured individuals in a lump-sum settlement or over time.

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