Tampa Temporary Total Disability Benefits Lawyer Aids Workers

Gulf Coast attorney advocates for clients who have been hurt on the job

If you have been forced to miss more than seven days on the job due to a work-associated injury or illness, you are eligible to receive temporary total disability benefits under Florida’s workers’ compensation law. The law is designed to can provide injured workers with immediate reimbursement for medical costs and lost income, but sometimes this isn’t the case. If you have been hurt in the course of your employment or have discovered a sickness that might be connected to your work, you need to take immediate action. For more than 25 years, the Law Offices of Bill Dickey, P.A. in Tampa and Clearwater has represented victims of workplace harm, helping them could collect the benefits they deserve during the period when they’re physically unable to meet the responsibilities of their job.

Firm outlines Florida law regarding wage replacement for injured employees

Drawing on a thorough understanding of Florida workers’ compensation law, our firm handles each aspect of a temporary total disability (TTD) filing and keeps clients aware of the details of their benefits, such as:

  • Weekly wage payments — Payments to replace the income of someone who is completely unable to work are determined by calculating two-thirds of the individual’s average weekly wage. State law sets a limit on what these payments can total. For 2019, the maximum TTD weekly payment is $939.
  • Other benefits — Along with income reimbursement, injured workers’ medical expenses and related costs are covered by their employer’s insurance carrier. This includes associated expenses such as prescription costs, transportation to and from doctor’s visits and any necessary vocational rehabilitation. If you are having trouble securing these benefits or if a specific reimbursement has been denied, we will assert your rights.
  • Termination of benefits — When medical treatments are successful and the claimant can return to full employment, TTD payments end. In situations where someone has been temporarily disabled for a very long time but whose condition is still improving, TTD payments can last up to 260 weeks. However, if someone reaches maximum medical improvement and still has a total or partial disability, our firm can manage the transition to permanent benefits.

In addition to a claim for TTD under an employer’s workers’ compensation coverage, a personal injury lawsuit might be warranted if the negligence of a third party (not you or your employer) contributed to your job-related injury or illness. In these matters, we help victims pursue damages that aren’t available in workers’ compensation cases.

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The Law Offices of Bill Dickey, P.A. assists Floridians who have been hurt and are seeking temporary total disability benefits. For information regarding your legal options, please call 813-835-3800 or contact us online for a free initial consultation. We are located in Tampa and Clearwater.